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The currently valid taxi tariff 2) - Published April 2024 20240401)

Info about this taxi rate

From September 1, 2023, passengers in Munich will have the option of agreeing on flat-rate fares if they place an order in advance (via a cab app or one of the cab centers). At the same time, the conventional calculation of fares using the taximeter will remain optional.

Compulsory Driving AreaPopulation
Unterschließheim 28,824
Unterhaching 25,234
Ottobrunn 21,881
Haar 21,609
Taufkirchen 17,954
Ismaning 17,605
Garching bei München 17,192
Neubiberg 14,636
Oberhaching 13,638
Gräfelfing 13,581
Kirchheim bei München 12,787
Oberschleißheim 11,900
Grünwald 11,303
Unterföhring 11,236
Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn 11,004
Planegg 11,002
Aschheim 9,315
Pullach im Isartal 8,894
Hohenbrunn 8,815
Neuried 8,580
Sauerlach 8,204
Feldkirchen 7,546
Putzbrunn 6,593
Schäftlarn 5,937
Brunnthal 5,547
Aying 5,508

Area of taxi rate Munich

Taxi rate information

by day

Base fee: €5.70

Kilometer price: €2.50

Waiting time per hour: €38.00

by night

This taxi fare does not have a separate night fare. The above tariff components are always valid. This means that the taxi costs do not differ according to time of day and night.


Fixed prices (shortest route in both directions)

  • between airport and Messe München ICM: € 90,00
  • between airport and region main station: € 101,00
  • between region main station and Messe München ICM: € 41,00

2) We last checked the taxi rate Munich on May 13th, 2024. If you think that the rate for Munich is outdated, you can report it via our contact form. We will then check for updates immediately.

Statistics 1)

In the ranking list of the most expensive taxi tariffs in Germany the taxi tariff Munich occupies

Place 60 of 251

The basis for calculating the cheapest and most expensive tariffs is a taxi ride of 8 kilometers in the day tariff.

Distance by day by night
1 km
2 km
3 km
4 km
5 km
6 km
7 km
8 km
9 km
10 km
15 km
20 km
50 km
100 km

This table does not contain any stand and waiting times but only takes the driven distance into account.

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