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      2021-12-01 00:54:15 Taxi in Murcia Distance4.9 km Duration9 minutes by day€ 6.30 by night€ 7.50
      2021-12-01 00:54:04 Taxi in New York City Distance9.4 km Duration21 minutes by day$ 20.80 by night$ 20.20
      2021-12-01 00:53:15 Taxi in Karlsruhe Distance5.2 km Duration12 minutes by day€ 17.40 by night€ 17.20
      2021-12-01 00:53:08 Taxi in Indianapolis Distance47.6 km Duration46 minutes by day$ 67.90
      2021-12-01 00:52:35 Taxi in New York City Distance15.0 km Duration23 minutes by day$ 29.30 by night$ 28.70
      2021-12-01 00:52:23 Taxi in Borken Distance24.6 km Duration29 minutes by day€ 59.90 by night€ 61.10
      2021-12-01 00:52:04 Taxi in Dresden Distance6.4 km Duration11 minutes by day€ 19.40 by night€ 19.60
      2021-12-01 00:52:02 Taxi in Siegen-Wittgenstein Distance18.7 km Duration28 minutes by day€ 46.70 by night€ 48.10
      2021-12-01 00:51:48 Taxi in Berlin Distance6.4 km Duration13 minutes by day€ 20.90
      2021-12-01 00:50:42 Taxi in Siegen-Wittgenstein Distance16.9 km Duration24 minutes by day€ 42.30 by night€ 43.70
      2021-12-01 00:50:25 Taxi in Abu Dhabi Distance20.5 km Duration20 minutes by dayAED 45.50 by nightAED 45.00

      Why calculate taxi fares?

      Cabs are an important part of the public transport system. Wherever you can't get by bus or train, you can take a cab. While the prices for tickets are known in advance, this is not always the case for cab fares. Although cab companies in most countries are bound by law to fixed price frames, these are usually not known. This is where ”” can help.

      Calculating taxi prices can be useful for a number of reasons. For many passengers, it is important to know before the trip how expensive it will be in order to assess whether the taxi is a reasonable transport option for the planned route.

      Another application is the subsequent control of already completed trips in unfamiliar environments, for example on vacation. In order to be sure to have paid an adequate price, it is worthwhile to have the taxi price estimated afterwards.

      In addition, our service is also frequently used by taxi drivers. If the fare is freely negotiable, the taxi calculator provides a reliable benchmark for agreeing on an appropriate fare.


      Precise route determination

      After you have entered the start and destination address of the planned taxi ride in the form at the top of this page, our system calculates the best possible route in terms of distance and travel time for the taxi ride. We use the latest map material from Here Maps.

      This is updated daily and is the basis for the calculation of individual taxi costs.

      Usually it is obligatory for taxis to take the shortest route between start and destination. Often, however, a slightly longer route is much faster because highways or expressways are used, or because there is less traffic on the alternative route. If different routes are reasonable, it is possible to choose between the fastest and the shortest route.

      502 current taxi rates

      Currently we have 502 taxi fares from 43 different countries in our database. This enables an almost worldwide taxi price calculation and cost transparency.

      All fares are regularly checked by us for up-to-dateness. This is done both through contact with tariff-issuing institutions and through automaitized procedures.

      For each tariff, the tariff components necessary for calculating the price are stored: the basic charge, the graduated distance charges, traffic-dependent standing and waiting time charges, and any surcharges and fixed prices.

      To the taxi rates

      Accurate fare calculation

      After the route to be taken is calculated with distance and estimated travel time, we automatically identify the cab fare valid at the starting address.

      Based on this information, the estimated cab fare is now calculated. This takes into account both the basic and distance charges as well as the traffic-dependent charges. The latter are included in the calculation with varying weightings.

      Based on our experience of more than 35 million price calculations since 2009, our estimated cab prices are the most accurate on the Internet. Compare us!

      Optimized through AI

      Each calculation of the cab costs contains an expectation about the traffic-dependent charges that are incurred as soon as the vehicle falls below a certain speed. This is necessary to ensure that the calculated cab fares are as close as possible to reality.

      In order to constantly improve the estimates, we have been using actual fares in many different tariff areas and times of day and year for several years. These are automatically compared with previous price estimates using statistical methods.

      Over time, this has enabled us to optimize the price estimates step by step.