Taxi Rate Miltenberg

Effective since 1. March 2017

Taxi rate information

by day

  • Base fee: € 3.20
  • Kilometer price: € 1.75
  • Waiting time per hour: € 32.00

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Info about this taxi rate

  • The taxi rate was fixed by the city of Miltenberg in 2017 and published in the official taxi regulations.
  • The rate is binding for all resident taxi companies and for each individual taxi within the compulsory driving area Miltenberg
  • The official taxi rate may not be exceeded or undercut.
  • This is ensured by an officially calibrated taximeter installed in the taxis.
  • If you think that this taxi rate is no longer valid, you can report it here. We will then check it immediately.

Taxi Rate Overview

Distance 1 km2 km3 km4 km5 km6 km7 km8 km9 km10 km20 km50 km100 km
by day
by night

This table does not contain any stand and waiting times but only takes the driven distance into account.