Taxi Rate Bern

The currently valid taxi tariff - Published January 2018 20180101)

Info about this taxi rate

In Switzerland, maximum taxi rates are set by the authorities of towns, municipalities or cantons.

The taxi tariff Bern was last set in January 2018 and published in the official tariff ordinance.

It is binding as the maximum rate for all taxis and taxi companies within the compulsory driving area and may not be exceeded. This is ensured by calibrated taximeters installed in the taxis. Lower tariffs are possible. Area of taxi rate Bern

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Taxi rate information

by day

Base fee: CHF 6.80

Kilometer price: CHF 4.10

Waiting time per hour: CHF 78.00

by night

Monday to Saturday from 8:00pm until 6:00am. Sunday all day.

Base fee: CHF 6.80

Kilometer price: CHF 5.50

Waiting time per hour: CHF 78.00

We last checked the taxi rate Bern on September 14th, 2021. If you think that the rate for Bern is outdated, you can report it via our contact form. We will then check for updates immediately.

Statistics 1)

In the ranking list of the most expensive taxi tariffs in Switzerland the taxi tariff Bern occupies

Place 2 of 8

The basis for calculating the cheapest and most expensive tariffs is a taxi ride of 8 kilometers with a duration of 20 minutes in the daily tariff.

Distance by day by night
1 km
2 km
3 km
4 km
5 km
6 km
7 km
8 km
9 km
10 km
15 km
20 km
50 km
100 km

This table does not contain any stand and waiting times but only takes the driven distance into account.