Calculate your Taxi Fare Milan now!

With the official 2018 Taxi Rate Milan from 1. July 2012

      How do we calculate taxi fare in Milan?

      We use Milan's current taxi tariff of 1. July 2012 to make a forecast about the expected taxi price.
      Taxi rate Milan Base fee Kilometer price Waiting time
      by day € 3.20 € 1.59 - € 1.06 € 27.76
      Every day between 9:00pm and 6:00am. € 6.20 € 1.59 - € 1.06 € 27.76

      This consists of a basic fee, various kilometre prices and a time-dependent component for standstill and waiting times.

      First we find the shortest route between the start and destination address.

      Then we calculate an estimate for your upcoming taxi ride in Milan based on the route profile and the valid taxi tariff.

      Start and destination addresses do not necessarily have to be in Milan. We automatically find the right tariff.

      1. Getting the route

      After you have entered the start and destination address of the planned taxi ride, our system calculates the best possible distance and duration for the taxi ride. We use the latest map material from Here Maps.

      2. Finding the valid taxi fare

      The taxi calculator then identifies the taxi fare valid for the trip based on the mandatory areas of travel. We have 406 current taxi fares including base price, mileage, stand and waiting charges as well as surcharges in our database.

      3. Calculating the taxi fare 3. Calculating the taxi fare 3. Calculating the taxi fare

      3. Calculating the taxi fare

      All this data is included in the calculation of taxi costs. Based on our experience of more than 20 Millions of price calculations since 2009, our calculated taxi prices are the most accurate on the Internet. Compare us!