Frequently Asked Taxi Fare Questions

How are Taxi Fares calculated?

The foundation of a taxi fare is the initial charge which incurs by getting into the Taxi. Additional charges incur for each kilometer of the route and contingent stand and waiting times, which my occur at traffic lights or in traffic jams. Especially the latter ones are highly dependent on traffic and thus very demanding to estimate. More charges may be imposed for special services like transporting more than 4 perople, extra luggage or delivering services.

Who determines the Taxi Rate?

Normally the taxi rates are stated and published by governmental units like cities, municipalities, districts or counties. These taxi rates are binding for every taxi company and every single taxi within the respective area. It is not allowed to take more or less for the taxi service than stated in the taxi rate.

Are the calculated taxi fares and the final fares on the taximeter to be paid always identical?

No. The figures calculated by our service are only estimations for the real taxi fare to be paid. Especially the fluctuating traffic conditions which are impossible to estimte 100% correctly cause the fact that our estimations may differ from the actual taxi fare to be paid. In collaboration with taxi companies we are continuously enhancing the quality of our estimations.

What about fixed prices?

As mentioned above, taxi companies are normally not allowed to differ from the official stated taxi rate. But if a trip leaves a certain area (mostly the city or county boundaries), the price can theoretically be bargained without any constraints. Thus, when the trip will definitely go over this area, driver and passenger can agree on a fixed price for the whole trip in advance.

Why do I get different estimates for return journeys?

Fares for a trip from A to B and from B to A differs frequently caused by different reasons. Both places may lie in different areas with different taxi rates, so that the estimations are calculated upon different figures. This differences in initial and distance charges may result in different estimations. In some cases it may additionally be not possible to drive the same way backward because of one-way streets or something like that. These constraints are incorporated by our Taxi Calculator which estimtes different taxi fares.

Is it okay that the passenger has to pay tolls for bridges or ferries?

Most taxi rates state that passengers have to take those kind of costs. Though the taxi driver should mention those before starting the trip.